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3rd annual Advanced Strategies Adventures
Carp Tournament

The 3rd annual Advanced Strategies Adventures Carp Tournament was held September 8, 2012 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  This event was once again held on property of Duke and Karen Strache (7550 State Fair Blvd) in Baldwinsville, NY.

Over 20 anglers showed up to raise money for ASA while competing for prizes in Pro, Amateur and Kids divisions.  The objective of the day was Big 3 Carp.

A great time was had by all, a good amount of money was raised for ASA, and thankfully no one was hurt by the 40+ mph winds that gusted through the course mid-day!  

Congratulations to Michael Reiley, who caught the big fish of the day—a monstrous 37 lb, 11 lb common carp!!!


Here are the 2012 ASA Carp Tournament winners.


Pro Class Winners:

Jason Bernhardt


70 lb, 0 oz  (28.7, 23.2, 18.7)

Caleb Kohler


65 lb, 5 oz  (23.13, 22.3, 19.5)

Pat Anderson


64 lb, 7 oz  (22.15, 21.0, 20.8)



Amateur Division

Michael Reiley


37 lb, 11 oz  (37.11)


Kids Division

Caleb Blake


43 lb, 9 oz  (24.5, 19.4)




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