Wild Carp Companies, of Baldwinsville, NY, USA, promotes catch and release carp angling via educational demonstrations, angling lessons, tourism promotion, hosting fish-ins, tournaments and the Wild Carp Club

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Wild Carp Week 2011 Media Coverage  - Carp Fishing in Baldwinsville, NY


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Wild Carp Classic: Baldwinsville father and son have biggest fish
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May 09, 2011


By Erin Wisneski
Editor, Baldwinsville Messenger


Sean Lehrer displays a nice 18 lb. 6 oz. common carp caught during Session four of Wild Carp Club, which was formed as part of Wild Carp Companies

Sean Lehrer displays a nice 18 lb. 6 oz. common carp caught during Session
four of Wild Carp Club, which was formed as part of Wild Carp Companies



Wild Carp Week will kickoff this Saturday despite flooding along the banks of the Seneca River.

According to Jason Bernhardt, cofounder of Wild Carp Companies, the organization bringing the event to Baldwinsville, the tournament is happening as planned.

"We may have to move a couple of the traditional pegs (team locations) we're accustomed to using, but we also don't have as many teams as in the past, so that gives us some flexibility," Bernhardt said.

The NE Regional, the tournament Baldwinsville has hosted for the past four years, is on hiatus for 2011 (former Tournament Director David Moore has devoted 2011 exclusively to the Carp Angling World Championship resulting in all regional tournaments, not just Baldwinsville's NE Regional, to be put on hold).

"We were aware [the NE Regional was] not coming back, so Sean [Sauda] and I decided to start Wild Carp Companies in order to have a vehicle for re-launching the annual Baldwinsville carp tournament," Bernhardt said. "We've had so much success the first four years – over 112,000 pounds caught and released – that we could not bear to see the event go away."

While this is the first year for Wild Carp Week, Bernhardt and Sauda consider it the fifth anniversary of competitive carp angling in Baldwinsville. For this reason, Wild Carp Companies is able to guarantee a $5,000 per single day challenge event and to donate $10,000 to charity via the Celebrity Carp Challenge.

"Baldwinsville was chosen due to the previous success," Bernhardt said. "No other carp angling tournament venue on the planet has ever yielded so many pounds of carp, even for events that are longer in duration."

The actual carp tournaments, held May 15 to 20, are a must-see because of the huge talent pool coming to compete, Bernhardt said.

"We are hosting many of USA's top carpers, as well as many ex-pats from several European countries. There is such a diverse array of personalities and fishing techniques to encounter by meeting our anglers, and most of them are very friendly and will chat with spectators," he said.

While spectators are welcome to visit anglers at their pegs, the May 14 kick-off event is designed for the entire community and features the Jr. Elks Kid's Corner, 4-in-1 bounce house, a carp casting championship, live music and the Wild Carp Week World Salt Potato Eating Championship.

"The May 14 kick-off is free and it delivers world class carp anglers displaying their talents in the casting competition and also features eight of the world's top 11 competitors from major league eating," Bernhardt said. "Will Joey Chestnut set a new world standard, or will one of the other top foes thwart him?" Chestnut's talent was recently exhibited during a guest appearance on Man Vs. Food where he devoured a five-pound burrito in about three minutes.

Wild Carp Week includes the Wild Carp Classic (May 15 to May 17), Wild Carp Big Carp Challenge (May 18), Wild Carp Total Weight Challenge (May 19), Wild Carp Big 4 Challenge (May 20) and the Wild Carp Celebrity Challenge (May 21).

"[The Celebrity Challenge] is a must-see because we have a great talent pool of local celebrities there to entertain while raising $10,000 for their represented, local non-profits," Bernhardt said. "We plan to make this an annual event as part of Wild Carp Week."


Baldwinsville Carp Tourney Continues Despite Flooding





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