Wild Carp Companies, of Baldwinsville, NY, USA, promotes catch and release carp angling via educational demonstrations, angling lessons, tourism promotion, hosting fish-ins, tournaments and the Wild Carp Club

Wild Carp Club of New Jersey - 2012

Wild Carp Companies is proud to announce the inaugural season of the Wild Carp Club of New Jersey.
There are several sessions scheduled for the 2012 season. All sessions are free to attend and Carp anglers of all experience levels are welcome.
Anglers will earn scores based on the weight and type of Carp caught during club sessions. Scores will accrue over the course of the season and year-end prizes will be awarded.

Participants must be at least 16 years of age and hold a valid New Jersey State Fishing License. Children under 16 are welcome to attend and fish, though their scores will not be counted toward season point totals.

Anglers are welcome to arrive and depart at any time during club sessions—just check in and out with club directors.  

Wild Carp Club may be competitive in nature, but it is mostly about having fun and meeting fellow anglers. Always maintain good sportsmanship and be courteous to other club members.



Club Directors

Ken Rooney - Club Director - Wild Carp Companies of New Jersey
Ken Rooney



Ken Rooney - Club-Director. Wild Carp Companies of New Jersey
Ken Rooney - Club-Director, Wild Carp Companies of New Jersey
Ken Rooney - Club-Director, Wild Carp Companies of New Jersey



Dates & Locations

Please note that session dates and times have yet to be determined.  Below is a tentative list of venue locations that are to be used during the 2012 season.






Raritan River, Donaldson park, 398 Riverview Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904


Raritan River, Elmer B Boyd Park, Memorial Pkwy, New Brunswick, NJ 08901   


Carnegie Lake, Mapleton Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540


Spruce Run Reservoir, 68 Van Syckel's Road, Clinton, NJ 088095


Round Valley Reservoir, 1220 Lebanon-Stanton Road, Lebanon, NJ 08833-3115



Raritan River, Duke Island Park, Old York Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807



Delaware River, Washington Crossing State Park, 355 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Titusville, NJ 08560-1517





Scoring System

1 point/ounce for Common Carp


16 lb, 2 oz Common Carp
Weight converted to ounces = 258 ounces
The Common Carp is worth 258 points

2 points/ounce for Mirror Carp or Koi


13-3 LB Koi
Weight converted to ounces = 211 ounces
211 oz. X 2 koi bonus factor = 422 points
The fish is worth 422 points


Grass Carp will not count. Ghost Carp (common and koi hybrid) will count as common Carp. Crucian Carp will not count unless they have barbels making them a hybrid. Crucian hybrids will count as common Carp.





If you are interested in participating in the Wild Carp Club of New Jersey or have any questions, please contact Club Director Ken Rooneys (ken@wildcarpcompanies.com).
If you are unable to RSVP, all interested parties will still be accepted on the day of each event, but we would prefer to know if you plan to attend in advance for site planning purposes.



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