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2012 Carolina Carp Cup Tournament

2012 Carolina Carp Cup



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Welcome to the 1st annual Carolina Carp Cup taking place July 19-22, 2012 on Lake Blalock in Chesnee, SC, brought to you by Wild Carp Companies and USCARPPRO magazine.


The Carolina Carp Cup comes with a Carolina pay lake twist. Pegged areas will be placed within closer-than-normal proximity of one another and up to 25 spots will be paid.


Lake Blalock is home to Common and Mirror Carp that have been known to grow in excess of 30. No water body record has been officially recorded at Blalock, so one will be established at this event—and the team to do it will earn a bonus cash prize.


Due to fallen timber and standing tree trunks, the Lake Blalock will be a real test to its competitors. Be prepared by researching Lake Blalock at the Fishidy website.

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Quality Inn of Spartanburg

The Quality Inn of Spartanburg is offering reduced rates on double king and double queen rooms for Carolina Carp Cup competitors and their traveling companions throughout the dates of 7/15 – 7/28/12.
To take advantage of these special rates, please call the Director of Sales, Linda Cannon, at 864-205-2135 and let her know you are competing in the Carolina Carp Cup.



Spartanburg Marriott The Spartanburg Marriott is offering a $99 special room rate for contestants of the Carolina Carp Cup and their traveling companions for the duration of the event.
To take advantage of these special rates, please call 864-596-1211 and let them know you are competing in the Carolina Carp Cup. For any questions, ask for Sales Account Manager Chris Smith.




This is a team-based, 44-hour endurance tournament for 1st place Big 4 Carp and multiple Big Carp slots.





Registration is $550 per 2-person team for full payment, or a deposit may be made for a $250. Payment must be made in full by July 13, 2012.


Contestants may register for the Carolina Carp Cup via the Registration form and Paypal options listed at the top right of this page. If using Paypal, please mail the completed registration form to Wild Carp Companies, PO Box 128, Baldwinsville, NY 13027. If paying via check or money order, please mail the registration form along with your payment.


Registration forms and payments will also be accepted by Inman, SC resident Keith Cisney. Keith may be reached at 864-921-2650.

Exceptions may be made for payment plans, so please contact Tournament Director Jason Bernhardt if you would like to discuss customized payments.






Basic Rules*

  • $550 per team to register

  • Teams of two; runners are permitted

  • Up to three rods per angler; one hook per rod

  • Catch and release angling; proper fish care is required

  • Use of landing mats and knotless landing nets

  • Use of holding sacks when awaiting marshals

  • Weigh marshal must weigh your catch and record your score; both marshal and angler must sign score sheet for fish to be official

  • Weigh marshal must oversee the release of each fish

  • All competitors must hold a valid South Carolina State Fishing License

  • Pegged areas may not be fished by contestants up to two weeks prior to tournament start

* Full tournament rules must be reviewed and acknowledged by all competitors as part of registration. 





2012 Carolina Carp Cup Tournament, Baldwinsville, NY - Thursday, July 19 Thursday, July 19  


6:00 – 8:00 PM  

Contestant registration and social event
Big Daddy Hawg’s (6890 Hwy 9, Inman, SC)


2012 Carolina Carp Cup Tournament, Baldwinsville, NY - Friday, July 20 Friday, July 20

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Tournament peg draw at Lake Blalock Park

1:00 – 4:00 PM 

Peg site set up

4:00 PM

Tournament Start

2012 Carolina Carp Cup Tournament, Baldwinsville, NY -Saturday, July 21 Saturday, July 21



Continuous fishing


2012 Carolina Carp Cup Tournament, Baldwinsville, NY - Sunday, July 22 Sunday, July 22


12:00 PM

Tournament conclusion

3:00 PM

Closing Ceremony


Big Daddy Hawg's
(8340 South Carolina 9, Inman, SC)


Paylakers Tom Ward (left) and Scott Robbins (right) fishing Lake Blalock in Chesnee, SC
Paylakers Tom Ward (left) and Scott Robbins (right) fishing Lake Blalock in Chesnee, SC.

The Carolina Carp Cup will challenge paylakers' tactics and endurance on wild water. Euro-style anglers will be challenged by the close proximity fishing
The Carolina Carp Cup will challenge paylakers' tactics
and endurance on wild water. Euro-style anglers
will be challenged by the close proximity fishing.

Jason Bernhardt holds a 20 lb common caught during a trip to South Carolina to prepare for the '12 Carolina Carp Cup
Jason Bernhardt holds a 20 lb common caught during a trip
to South Carolina to prepare for the '12 Carolina Carp Cup.





Additional prizes to be awarded include Big Mirror Carp and Top 25 Big Carp. Payouts will be made based total number of teams registered, in 5-team increments. For example, 68 teams registered will pay in the 65 team payout bracket.

At 60 teams registered, payouts will be the following:


1st Place, Big 4 Carp


Lake Record Common


Big Mirror Carp


Top 25 Big Carp Slots

$450 each


For a full payout schedule, please click here.


Libby’s Strokin Karaoke Club has offered an additional $250 prize that will be awarded for Biggest Carp caught during the first 4 hours of the Carolina Carp Cup.

K-1 Baits has generously offered the following items for additional prizes to compliment cash prizes being awarded in the following categories:

  • 1st Place Big 4:                                   $100 K-1 Baits certificate and $100 of K-1 Baits products

  • 1st Place, Big Common Carp:              $50 K-1 Baits certificate and  $50 of K-1 Baits products

  • 1st Place, Big Mirror Carp:                   $50 K-1 Baits certificate and  $50 of K-1 Baits products

Also, K-1 Baits is offering a special 15% off coupon to registered anglers of the Carolina Carp Cup.  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email sales@k-1baits.com.  They will record your order and can deliver all products at the July 19 social event at Big Daddy Hawg's.  Just be sure to inform them you are a registered angler to be eligible.

For more information, please visit http://k-1baits.com/




Official Peg Sections

Pegged fishing areas include and are not limited to space in the following areas:

Blalock Island
Lake Blalock Park
Paris Bridge Road
Davis Trading Post Road
Lake Blalock Dam


Official peg locations will be posted no later than July 16, as the WCC staff will not be arriving in South Carolina until the 14th.



Tournament Directors

For more information, please email Tournament Directors Jason Bernhardt (jason@wildcarpcompanies.com) or Sean Sauda (sean@wildcarpcompanies).




Thank you to USCARPPRO magazine for its continued media coverage and support as media partner of Wild Carp Companies.






Thank you to the Spartanburg Water not only for allowing this tournament to take place on its private property, but also for its support and promotion of this event.


Spartanburg Water




Thank you to Libby’s Strokin Karaoke Club for its support as a prize sponsor for the Carolina Carp Cup. Be sure to visit them in Spartanburg, SC while you are in town!


Libby’s Strokin Karaoke Bar




Thank you to Big Daddy Hawgs restaurant for its support as host to our open and closing ceremonies. Information about carp angling will be available there prior to and during the Carolina Carp Cup.



Big Daddy Hawgs



Thank you to K-1 Baits for its sponsorship support. K-1 Baits produce premium carp angling boilies, pop-ups, wafters, corn and more.


K-1 Baits



Thank you Extreme Carp Fishing for its continued promotional support of Wild Carp Companies events.


Extreme Carp Fishing



Thank you to Keith Cisney Upholstery for supplying landing mats for the Carolina Carp Cup competitors.

Keith Cisney Upholstery





Registered Anglers

Teammate 1
Teammate 2
Lou Collier
Lou Collier

Jarred Israel

Scott Robbins
Chad Greene
Chad Greene
  ROBBINS CARP LAKE  http://www.hrcmedical.com/amor-vie-test/

Daniel Robbins

Jimmy Price
  ROBBINS CARP LAKE   http://www.hrcmedical.com/amor-vie-test/

Jerry Cash

Tony Cash

Scott Bryant

David Bryant

George Floyd

Lisa Floyd

Todd Davis

David Dodway

Scott Koon

Danny Rogers

Darren DeYoung

Don West
Scott Rhymer
Scott Rhymer
Bart Owens
Bart Owens

Billy West

Gary Ruble

Paul Dinea
Ioan Iacob
Ioan Iacob
Istvan Gyori
Istvan Gyori
Bogdan Bucur  - Registered Anglers - Wild Carp Classic Tournament
Bogdan Bucur

Donnie Cooper

Dale Roberts
Libby's Strokin Karaoke Bar
Spartanburg, SC

Frank Walker

Chuck Garrett

Daniel Harvey

Richard Somerville

Austin Anderson

Johnny Burns

Larry Cobb

Shane Dial

Sam Bailey

Tim Shumate
  Bailey's Carp Lake

Michael Louia

Butch Clement
  Bailey's Carp Lake

David Keenan

Derek Burns

Kevin Keenan

Tim Branton

Scott Price

Danny Mullis

Dennis Gallihare
Christy Hinkle

Dennis Johnson

Daniel Fowler

Amanda Fowler
Johnson Landscaping-Irrigation

Michael Turpin

Matt Perdue

Tommy Foster

Jamie Thornton

DJ McBee
Joe Estes
Daniel Ellis
Perry’s Carp Lake
Gaffney, SC

Gruia Oltean

Ioana Oltean

Gregg Hudson

Rick Abee

Chad Hudson
Hudson's Carp Lake

Jordan Abernathy

Larry Cook

Charles Cerny
Cook's Farm Supply
Cowpens, SC

Eddie Gresham

Shane Tucker

Charles Summit  

Darryl Summit




Peg Assignments

Section 1

1 - Larry Cobb and Shane Dial

2 - Mike Turpin and Matt Perdue

3 - Tim Shoemaker and Sam Bailey

Section 2

4- Daniel Robbins and Jimmy Price

5 - Michael Luie and Butch Clement

6 - Scott Robbins and Chad Greene

7 - Bobby Mullinax

8 -

9 - Eddie Gresham and Shane Tucker

10 -

11 -

12 - Darrel and Charles Summitt

13 - Gruia Oltean and Ioana Oltean

14 - Jordan Abernathy and Larry Cook

Section 3

15 - Paul Dinea and Ioan Iacob

16 -

17 - Darren De Young and Don West

18 -

19 -

20 - Jerry and Tony Cash

21 -

22 - Richard Somerville and Austin Anderson

23 - Scott and David Bryant

Section 4

27 - Bogdan Bucur and Istvan Gyori

28 - Lisa and George Floyd

29 - Scott Rhymer and Bart Owens

30 - Gary Ruble and Billy West

31 - Todd Davis and David Dodway

32 - Danny Mullis and Dennis Gallihare

33 - Scott Koon and Danny Rogers

Section 5

34 - Lou Collier and Jarred Israel

35 - Frank Walker and Chuck Garrett

36 - Dennis Johnson and Daniel Fowler

37 - DJ McBee and Joe Estes

38 - Tim Branton and Scott Price

39 - Gregg Hudson and Rich Abee

Section 6

40 - Donnie Cooper and Dale Roberts

41 - Tommy Foster and Jamie Thornton

42 - Derek Burns and David Keenan





Tournament Results


Grand Prize: Big 4, 1st Place ($10,000)

Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee

59 lb, 13 oz



Big Common Carp ($1,000)

Scott Koon/Danny Rogers

17 lb, 8 oz



Big Mirror Carp ($1,000)

Unclaimed - Prize money rolled into spot prizes



Spot Winners ($200 each)


Teammates Spot Peg # Fish Weight
Lbs Oz
Scott Koon/Danny Rogers 1 33 17 8
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 2 39 17 5
Lou Collier/Jarred Israel 3 34 16 0
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 4 39 15 4
Daniel Robbins/Jimmy Price 5 4 14 3
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 6 39 14 10
Jordan Abernathy/Larry Cook 7 14 13 9
Jerry Cash/Tony Cash 8 20 12 13
Scott Bryant/David Bryant 9 23 12 12
DJ McBee/Joe Estes 10 37 12 12
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 11 39 12 10
Dennis Johnson/Daniel Fowler 12 36 12 10
Scott Koon/Danny Rogers 13 33 12 8
Bogdan Bucur/Istvan Gyori 14 27 12 8
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 15 39 12 6
Michael Turpin/Matt Perdue 16 2 11 13
Gary Ruble/Billy West 17 30 11 8
Donnie Cooper/Dale Roberts 18 40 11 8
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 19 39 11 6
Gregg Hudson/Rich Abee 20 39 11 0
Donnie Cooper/Dale Roberts 21 40 10 15
Scott Bryant/David Bryant 22 23 10 9
Gary Ruble/Billy West 23 30 10 8
Tommy Foster/Jamie Thornton 24 41 10 5
Scott Koon/Danny Rogers 25 33 9 10
Derek Burns/David Keenan 26 42 9 9
Bogdan Bucur/Istvan Gyori 27 27 8 8



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