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Wild Carp Companies Staff

Justin Keaton, Club Director - Wild Carp Club of Indiana


My love and passion for carp fishing started when I 7 years old. My mom and her best friend would take me out to places like Monroe Reservoir and let me help reel in or net there fish. By the age of 9 I was out right beside them reeling in my own fish—I was hooked by the jaw!


In that first year, I won a Monroe kids fish-off with a 9lb carp. All the other kids where shocked and asked all kinds of questions, like "What did you catch him on?" or "How long did it take to get him in?" I loved it and was not afraid to let them in on the secrets. 


After that, I had to find places close to the house to catch these amazing beasts. This led me to pay-laking for many years, until I was introduced to a few wild carp fishermen who knew where some great wood waters were. 


Since then, I have had the chance to progress on all levels, as well as fish in multiple States. Now I am happy to say and I am honored to be a WCC of Indiana director and am ready to pass on my knowledge of carp fishing and carp care with others.



Contact Justin - justink@wildcarpcompanies.com


Justin Keaton with a large common carp caught during
The 2012 Wild Carp Classic in Baldwinsville, NY.

Club director Justin Keaton with a common carp caught in Indiana
Club director Justin Keaton with a common carp caught in Indiana.